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Invitation to NJF seminar:

The Water Framework Directive - From Theory ot Implementation.

The seminar takes place in Norway on October 12th-13th 2009.

The aim of the project is to facilitate the practical implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) at farm level as well as at catchments level.

A key issue for the project is "cooperation between the agricultural and the environmental sector" in order to get improved results for the environment as well as for the agricultural sector.

Three pilot areas participate in the project. They are all farmed intensively, and seen from an environmental point of view they have critical levels of N and P in either surface or groundwater.

By using the best available farm and environmental data, the intention is in an Integrated Advisory system to create plans for the farmer for how to optimize his


 production in a way which is in consistence with his wishes for farming and in consistence with the surrounding environment.



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On 14th  – 15th January 2009 The EU LIFE-Environment Project AGWAPLAN held a European conference in Herning on:


NJF Seminar
NJF seminar
Uppsala, Sweden - 22nd-23rd September 2008